Jay Z to pay royalties for hit song “Versus”

Well it looks like Jay Z has been quietly handling his legal affairs. The hip hop artist took to sample music from Bruno Spoerri on his most recent album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” from the track titled “Versus”. Sources state that Spoerri is entitled to half of the royalties. Well, it looks like the legal aspect of the music industry is heating up so be careful who you “sample” . Try getting the sample cleared first. Just a word to the wise.


Kendrick Lemar Freestyles to Notorious B.I.G instrumentals

 Thanks to BigBoyTV we got exclusive footage of Kendrick Lemar dropping straight HEAT. Kendrick Lemar is definitely one of my favorite hip hop artists so I greatly appreciate this upload !

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         Kendrick Lemar

-Building a list of potential new client

-Building a list of potential new clients should be one of your highest priorities

-Building a list of potential new client

-Building a list of potential new clients should be one of your highest priorities #business #marketing #startups

1961 Volkswagen T1″ by Van Dorpen Photo

1961 Volkswagen T1″ by Van Dorpen Photography: http://bit.ly/O9d98q

National Entertainment Expo : http://urb

National Entertainment Expo : http://urbanexpoatl.weebly.com/

Your Profile Photo/Professional Head Shot…

This is awesome. Thanks for the article.

Bree Elyse Imaging

My Headshot/ Self Portrait

Are You Doing it Wrong?

As a photographer I imagine I am more attuned to photographs than most. I know that it’s probable that I am, perhaps, more critical of the imagery that surrounds us than those of different professions. I am, more than likely, going to notice the nuances of lighting, composition and posing in portraits that most people are unaware of. I don’t fault those that simply don’t know, or have never really paid any attention. I know what makes a photograph technically correct, why a technically correct image is more appealing to even unaware viewers and when it’s appropriate or even beneficial to break those rules. I have studied, adapted and educated myself to notice these things. One other trait of mine is the inability to turn it off. Much like wordsmiths are unable to read a paragraph without editing it and grammatical errors on Facebook (or…

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The ability to communicate is everything

The ability to communicate is everything.

#Success is not possible without a stron

#Success is not possible without a strong home team

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